Client Solutions

FactEntry - Fixed Income Market & Bond Data Provider

Headquartered in London, FactEntry is a leading fixed income bond market data provider to businesses and capital market leaders in more than 150+ countries.


Headquartered in NYC, MarketDesk is a modern platform for content owners to distribute their financial data to a community that wants ease of use, mobility and cutting edge technology. MarketDesk believes the increasing customer and regulatory demands for market transparency, low latency delivery, the explosive growth and adoption of mobile apps and internet services, and the speed and cost advantages of cloud, internet and mobile technologies continue to fundamentally transform the financial content business. Through MarketDesk, content owners can distribute their data to clients, employees and applications over the Internet and mobile networks, under their brand and control.

DataScava – Unstructured Data Miner

DataScava is for Business Users, Data Professionals and Software Engineers.It mines unstructured textual data using the language of your business. Our patented Weighted Topic Scoring and Domain-Specific Language Processing provide highly precise results you can see, control and measure.. You don’t have to be a data scientist to use it, but you can be.


Codel provides an immutable audit trail and series of applications for users to protect and control data, to prove its integrity and validity and to notify users where to find updated content.

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